Poorboy’s World Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing 946ml

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 Poorboy’s World Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing 946ml

Poorboy’s Trim Restorer restores a clean, bright, new look to car trim, bumpers, vinyl, rubber and more. 

This award-winning trim and bumper restorer revives exterior trim that has dulled, returning it to its former glory.

It uses a non-greasy and non-sticky formula, dries to the touch and does not streak.

In addition to producing a deep, lustrous appearance, it also offers protection from deterioration. It contains a patented UV absorber that provides protection from harmful solar radiation.

Trim Restorer enhances the appearance and protects interior and exterior trim, bumpers, tyres, vinyl, leather, dashboards and engine compartment plastics.

To restore the appearance of interior surfaces use Natural Look.

Available in 16oz (473ml) and 32oz (946ml)