GATES Crankcase Bleed Hose EMH355

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Engines become more and more complicated, and so do their coolant hoses. Modern ‘modular’ hoses branch off to carry coolant to a variety of underbonnet equipment and typically come as complete assemblies with clamps and connectors mounted on them. When it’s time to change the hose, go for Gates. We design, manufacture and supply a great variety of traditional and modular coolant hoses that fit and perform exactly like the original. What is more, you get a complete solution as all our modular hoses come complete with the OE-exact clamps and connectors to ensure a simple leak-free installation.
  • For upper, lower, bypass, heater and other automotive coolant hose applications
  • Cover is heat and ozone resistant
  • Gates coolant hose resists electrochemical degradation which is the leading cause of hose failure