Wynn’s OFF CAR DPF Cleaner Professional Formula

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1X WYNNS Off-Car DPF Cleaner 5 Litre


Wynn’s Off Car DPF Cleaner uses a special blend of chemicals to completely clean and restore Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) which have become blocked with soot, ash or other contaminants, and can no longer be regenerated with the aid of Wynn’s Diesel Particulate Filter Regenerator tank treatment or by forced regeneration in a workshop.
After as little as 90- 120* minutes of soaking in Wynn’s Off Car DPF Cleaner, filters can be rinsed, dried and returned to vehicle saving drivers potentially hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

 Eliminates most solid deposits present in particulate filters undergoing serious clogging problems. Restores back pressure to correct levels for the vehicle

 Safe for use on all types of DPF and does not impact the action of the catalytic elements in the filter.


 For all types of DPF

 DPF must be dismounted from the vehicle prior to application of Wynn’s OFF Car DPF Cleaner.

 Wynn’s Off Car DPF Cleaner is ready to use and does not require dilution.

 Always wear gloves and safety glasses when using Wynn’s Off car DPF Cleaner.

Directions of Use 

1. Demount the filter, ensuring any probes/sensors are removed from the filter.
2. There are two alternative application methods.

Method 1 Cleaning

a) Seal one end of the DPF, and any openings left by sensor removal with a bung or vinyl gloves.
b) Fill the filter with Wynn’s Off Car DPF Cleaner ensuring the core of the filter is totally submersed in the cleaner, and leave filter in an upright position.

Method 2 Cleaning

a) Wynn’s OFF Car DPF Cleaner can also be used in a ‘bath method’.
b) Fill a receptacle, large enough to hold the DPF, with Wynn’s OFF Car DPF Cleaner.
c) Completely immerse the filter in the fluid
Methods 1 & 2:
3. Filter must be soaked for a minimum of 90-120* minutes.

4. During the soak time the fluid level should be checked, and topped up if required, and the filter should occasionally be gently agitated to improve cleaning.
5. After soaking the Wynn’s Off Car DPF Cleaner should be emptied.

6. Rinse the filter from both sides with warm water. Ensure that any contaminant flush is drained out from the filter, and continue until the water runs clear through all openings/apertures.

7. The filter should then be dried. Low pressure air from an airline can be used.

8. Re-mount the filter.

*Whilst excellent results can be achieved in 90 – 120 minutes, heavily blocked filters should be left to soak for up to 8 hours