Turtle Wax Jet Black Box Dark Cars Detailing Paintwork Body Polish Restorer Kit

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Turtle Wax Black Box

Turtle Wax Jet Black Box Finish Kit includes:


Black Pre-Wax Cleaner 355ml - Step 1

  • This proprietary formula will clean, correct and condition the surface level paint, with minimized swirl marks and removal of micro-scratches.
  • The special formula fills in chips and other imperfections thereby improving the paint finish.

Black Carbauba Wax 355ml - Step 2

  • Carnauba wax with black tint contains highly refractive polymers and UV inhibitors resulting in maximum paint protection and reflection.
  • Masks minor blemishes and then seals to produce a uniformed level look with deep rich shine.
  • Achieves the blackest paint finish.

2 x Black Spray Detailers 355ml

  • Designed to be used throughout step 1 and step 2 to ease the process and help further prevent swirl marks
  • Adds shine to each step.
  • Use the Detailer as final step to enhace the ultimate deep, black shine, or just for touch-ups in between regular washes

2 Applicators

  • Specially developed for use during all steps to achieve the smoothest blackest finish.

Black is the ultimate colour staement for your vehicle. No other colour makes your vehicle look more luxurious, intimidating, mysterious and attractive. The finish experts at Turtle Wax have created the Black Box Finish Kit - a collection of high-performing products to help you maintain or restore your vehicles original deep, rich, wet, black shine without leaving any white powdery residue. The Black Box Finish Kit revitalizes, brightens and deepens dull, faded black and dark grey paint, replenishing lost colour and shine to like new condition.