Road Angel Halo Pro 1440P 2K Dash Cam with WiFi & GPS + HardWiring Kit

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Combined Front and Rear HD Dash Camera


The twin cameras of the Road Angel HALO PRO take driving safety up to the next level. With built-in GPS, G-Sensor and high precision GPS module, this ultra-sophisticated device extends the capabilities of Dash Cameras beyond the expected.

HD front & rear dual recording

Features both forward and rear facing dash cams to catch an accident at either angle.

High definition, downloadable footage to be viewed on a PC or smartphone.

Picture perfect images and video footage

Zero distortion with 6-class glass lens and 1 infrared filter. Wide angle front cam (140°wide angle) and rear cam (120°wide angle) means you never miss a thing. Records data such as speed and acceleration.

Multi-module for maximum flexibility

Offers real time, event, manual and parking modes to catch an accident in almost any scenario. Offers picture-in-picture view on Smartphone via Wi-Fi connection. Filter lens, frames and subtitle editors produce movie-like video footage.


HUAWEI HiSilicon processor. Format H.264 HD video coding. Low power consumption.

        Image chip         

Omnivision Image Sensor. Excellent video monitoring performance under low light & WDR.


6-class glass lens and 1 infrared filter with zero distortion. Front cam - 140°wide angle & F1.8 aperture. Rear cam - 120°wide angle & F2.2 aperture.


New generation GPS system. High speed positioning.

            Wireless module            

Wi-Fi wireless module – connects to your smartphone – or 2.4GHz wireless module for remote control.


Class 10 high speed TF card - maximum of 128GB. Front cam - 2592√ó1520P image. Rear cam - 1440√ó896P image. Built-in NAND FLASH memory chip. Auto loop recording.

Video Output   

Wireless video output. Supports Android/iPhone. Dual-stream output – low stream for preview use with high stream for saving, playback and downloading.


3-axis acceleration sensor. Adjustable sensitivity setting via App.

Lithium battery

Built-in super capacitor allows video shooting when electricity is turned off.



                            Image Processor                             

The main chip supports WDR technology – adapts to the brightest and darkest scenarios.

Scenario adaptation      

Adapts to day, night, snow, rain, backlight etc.

Digital image stabilization          

Prevents fuzzy images when your car shakes.

3D Denoising    

Produces sharp images even in low light.

LDC geometric correction           

Removes fisheye effects and barrel-shaped distortion.


Prevent fuzzy images in foggy weather.

                 Image adjusting              

Changeable image quality (2560√ó1440@25fps, 1920√ó1080@fps, 1280√ó720@fps) by adjusting via App. Unchanged image resolution (2590√ó1520).

Photo options  

App supports multiple filters.

Social network 

App connects to social networks.

Easy editing      

App supports automatic editing.

Photo sharing   

Photos, videos, and self-driving stories sharing; APP supports multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

Voice Input       

High sensitivity microphone.

Voice Output    

High power loudspeaker (1w).

Power Input      


Remote controller

2.4GHz wireless remote control. LED light indicator. Low power consumption.

Dual Charger

USB charger/ Rear cam5V@1A / 5V@2.1A).

              3M Glue Holder              

3M glue holder. Micro USB charge interface is on the holder. GPS module.

       USB charging cable        

3.5 meters USB charger cable. Standard Micro USB port.