Poorboy's World Super Slick & Foam

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Poorboy's World Super Slick & Foam 946ml

                    Poorboy’s Super Slick & Foam is a pre-soak snow foam used to loosen dirt and road grime. Super Slick & Foam is ideal for use before washing your vehicle. By using a snow foam you reduce the work required when shampooing.- Produces a slick layer of foam- Loosens and lifts dirt from the surface- Provides extra lubrication for wash mitt or sponge- Rinses freely and leaves no residue behindDIRECTIONS: Used with a snow foam lance, Super Slick & Foam applies a slick layer of foam to your car. It clings to the surface, lifting dirt.Poorboy’s Super Slick & Foam easily rinses off your vehicle. It can also be used to provide extra lubrication as you wash your car with a wash mitt.Follow up with a high quality car wash soap such as Super Slick and Suds or Super Slick and Wax.Available in 32oz (946ml)