Poorboy's World Master Cut Compound 473ml

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 Poorboy's World Master Cut Compound 473ml

Poorboy’s Master Cut is a professional grade heavy-duty compound that removes deep swirls, oxidation, scratches and overspray.

Master Cut is our strongest polish. This fast-cutting compound can be used on all paints, clear coats, gel coats and glass. It will leave you with an incredibly smooth finish.

Unlike other compounds, it is very easy to use with a long working time and low dusting.  With Master Cut you will use less product because it stays wet longer.

Poorboy’s Master Cut must be used with a rotary or dual action polisher, and should only be used by professional detailers and body shops. As with our SSR range, Master Cut contains no wax or silicone.

It may leave a slight haze like most heavy-duty compounds, so we suggest using SSR2 or Pro Polish to restore a perfect shine that’s then ready for sealing or waxing.

Available in 16oz (473ml)