Poorboy's World Clay Lube

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 Poorboy's World Clay Lube - Clay Lubricant 

Poorboy’s Clay Lube is a super-slippery clay lubricant that provides the perfect amount of lubrication when using a clay bar.

- Clay lubricant for detailing
- Provides incredible lubrication for the clay bar process
- Removes contaminants from your car’s surface
- Prepares the surface for polishing, sealing or waxing

A lubricant is a must when using a clay bar to remove contaminants from your paintwork.

Poorboy’s Clay Lube ensures the clay bar will glide across the surface of your vehicle. It removes contaminants without scratching the paint.

By using a clay bar and clay lube you will remove surface contaminants, creating a smooth finish to then apply a polish, sealant or wax.

Use with a clay bar.

Available in 16oz (473ml) or 32oz (946ml)