Poorboy's World Bug Squash

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 Poorboy's World Bug Squash

Poorboy’s Bug Squash is a concentrated bug and tar remover that can also be used as a pre-wash.

Bug Squash is the fast, safe and easy way to remove bug debris, tar, road grime and salt from vehicles. It also won’t strip existing sealants or wax.

Bug debris is highly acidic and can eat into your paintwork.

Poorboy’s Bug Squash is specifically engineered to break down the unique proteins that bugs contain to quickly remove bug splatter.

It can be used at a ratio of 3:1 (water: Bug Squash) for a normal pre-wash or stronger for heavily soiled areas.

Use before a shampoo such as Super Slick and Suds. 

Available in 16oz (473ml), 32oz (946ml) or 128oz (3.78litre)