Poorboy's World QD+ Quick Detailer Plus 946ml

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Poorboy's World QD+ Quick Detailer Plus 946ml

Poorboy's QD+ is a quick detail spray designed to clean and enhance the protection of your vehicle. Ideal for well-maintained cars, this product combines Brazilian carnauba wax and advanced polymers to deliver a quick shine and added protection.

Simply spray it onto the surface and buff to remove light dust, fingerprints, smudges, and streaks. The carnauba wax creates a slick, protective layer on the paint, resisting fading and oxidation.

You can also use it to enhance the longevity of your existing wax, such as Natty's Paste Wax.

Available in three sizes: 16oz (473ml), 32oz (946ml), or 128oz (3.78 liters).