Poorboy’s World Bold N Bright Tyre Gel 946ml

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 Poorboy’s World Bold N Bright Tyre Gel 946ml

Poorboy’s Bold N Bright Tyre Gel is a thicker, gel version of our popular tyre dressing.

The gel version still achieves the amazing results of the original Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing, but the thicker formula allows you to have more control over where the product is applied.

Bold N Bright Tyre Gel enables neat application with no overspray. UVA and UVB absorbers block out the sun’s harmful rays to keep rubber soft and supple with a satin sheen.

Poorboy’s Bold N Bright revitalises tyres to make them look as good as new. It uses a water-based formula, containing no toxins or harsh chemicals. It’s also non-greasy and does not sling.

Available in 16oz (473ml) and 32oz (946ml)