Pegatanke Super Strong 2 Part Professional Epoxy Resin Waterproof High Strength

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Professional Cold Welding Performance for Auto & Industrial

Pegatanke Black is a super strong professional grade epoxy glue, originally developed for the most demanding industries such as automotive, naval, electrical and construction. Due to its proven resistance to extreme temperatures, high tensile strength and resistance against chemicals and solvents, Pegatanke Black is fast becoming the best selling epoxy glue in the UK.

Pegatanke can be used to permanently repair many items including: Water tanks, catalytic converters, fuel tanks, all bodywork, pressure tanks, engines, exhausts, machinery and many other items.

Pegatanke can be applied on any surface and even works under water when completely submerged.

High temperature resistance up to 500 degrees C

Can hold up to 250kg of deadweight per 1.48oz

Drying time is between 30 minutes and 1 hour

Curing time of 8-12 hours between -11C and 11C (exact time depends on climate conditions)

Works under water, even when completely submerged

Oil and chemical resistant and impermeable to all solvents and liquids

High tension strength up to 580psi

High pressure resistance (tested with 5mm diameter holes at 28psi

Full instructions included on pack