Meguiar's MB0322EU Mirror Bright Detailing Spray 650ml

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Individuality. Authenticity. Crafted Quality. Our Meguiar's MB0322EU Mirror Bright Detailing Spray gently cleans both exterior AND interior automobile surfaces & finishes. Our no-scratch formula is safe for all paint types, including lacquers, enamels & clear coats. Excellent for removing bird soiling, grime & other contaminants from paint finishes in-between washing. Mirror Bright Detailing Spray is also the smart choice for keeping automobile interiors clean & tidy, including instruments, gauges & screens! 650ml Bottle / 22 fl oz Bottle About Us: The Mirror Bright Polish Company was founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar Jr to perfect the finishes on fine furniture & the newly introduced automobile. The passion continues today with a special line of products that protect & accentuate automobile finishes, derived from over 115 years of experience, research & development.