Meguiar's Gold Class Car Care Wash and Wax Kit

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Meguiar's gold class car care wash and wax Kit features the Meguiar's gold class car wash shampoo and conditioner 473 ml and the Meguiar's gold class Carnauba+ liquid wax 473 ml. The gold class shampoo is designed to clean and condition the paint. It features an advanced formula that gently foams away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants without stripping wax protection. The car wash shampoo contains an ultra-rich paint conditioner that helps reveal colour and clarity, leaving a radiant look.

The Meguiar's gold class Carnauba+ liquid wax is clear coat safe and is a simple liquid wax to apply and remove. The premium formula uses only the best carnauba wax, fortified with long-lasting polymers to glide on and off smoothly, leaving a deep, rich carnauba wax glow. It can be applied by hand with the soft foam applicator provided or by machine with the Meguiar's MT320

Box Contains

1 x Gold Class Car Wash & Conditioner

Gold Class Liquid Wax

Soft Foam Applicator Pad