Meguiar's A2216EU Deep Crystal Step 3 Carnauba Wax 473ml

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Applying Carnauba Wax 1. Using a Soft Foam Applicator, apply a pound coin sized amount of Carnauba Wax directly to the paint. 2. Place the face of the pad flat on the vehicle’s paint and with light pressure in overlapping, circular patterns spread the wax onto the vehicle’s paint surface. 3. Allow to cure for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping of with a clean Meguiar's X2020EU Supreme Shine Microfibre, turning to a clean side for the final wipe. For best results, use as step 3 of a 3 step process. Step 1: Meguiar's A3016EU Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner. Step 2: Meguiar's A3116EU Deep Crystal Polish. Step 3: Meguiar's A2216EU Deep Crystal Carnauba Wax. 16oz. Bottle / 473ml Bottle