GATES WP0171 Water Pump

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The water pump is the heart of the engine’s cooling system and plays a vital role in ensuring that the vehicle performs at its best. When it fails, it’s usually a short time until the engine overheats causing serious damage. So when water pumps require replacement, insist on top-quality water pumps from Gates made to the same high standards as the original product. With its own manufacturing facility, Gates produces over a thousand different types of water pumps for millions of cars. Gates water pumps deliver longer-lasting service for your customers and build a reputation of reliability for your shop.
  • Gates is a prime manufacturer of water pumps allowing full control of the manufacturing process and quality of the product
  • All pumps are strictly equivalent to the original product, both in terms of quality and performance
  • All pumps are manufactured to ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards