GATES Micro-V® Belt 8PK850

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At Gates, we design, manufacture and supply tailored multi-ribbed belt solutions for major car manufacturers, working in close collaboration with their engineering departments. Our multi-ribbed belts are OE on many of the world’s finest car brands. They make engines perform at their best. When it comes to producing multi-ribbed beltsfor the aftermarket, we extend all engineering know-how and technical improvements from our OE belts to our aftermarket range. All Gates Micro-V® belts match the latest OE construction features. That’s why our customers always receive a product that performs as well as the original belt as installed by the car manufacturer.
  • Aftermarket engineered solution, combining the latest OE technologies
  • Extra flexibility, easy installation
  • Durability: resistant to cracking and extreme temperatures
  • Low noise levels, even in worn aftermarket belt drives
  • EPDM across the range