Gates K015176 Powergrip Timing Belt Kit

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For maximum safety, when the timing belt is due for replacement all other parts of the belt drive subject to wear and tear should be replaced at the same time. Replacement with high-quality components that meet or exceed Original Equipment (OE) specifications is your best assurance of continued trouble-free performance. With Gates being a renowned OE supplier to all major car manufacturers, you can be sure our full line of PowerGrip® Kits for the aftermarket is manufactured using the exact same quality standards. Replacing all wear parts of the synchronous belt drive simultaneously is the best approach to prevent comebacks and profit losses. Gates provides kit solutions with critical extras for virtually every car make and model. With PowerGrip® Kits from Gates, garages can be sure to receive total solutions that include all the technically-relevant components needed to do replacement jobs right first time.
  • Restoring the complete system with perfectly matched OE-quality components prevents costly comebacks
  • Ordering only one product saves time and therefore, money
  • One warranty covers all parts
  • A full range available for more than 92% of all European vehicles
  • Detailed installation instruction for accurate installation