GATES 9PK2140ES Poly Rib Belt

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Reusable magnetic labels - Sustainable alternative to paper labels that reduce paper waste. The writing on the label is easy to erase, just wipe with a damp cloth and rewrite. These magnets for labelling are available in 4 bright gradient colours. Self-adhesive strong – our magnetic strips can stick firmly to all types of magnetic surfaces, except the gl surface. We use flexible materials to ensure strong magnetism, but can also be easily removed from the magnetic surface without leaving any residue. Flexible and very flexible. Applicability – we offer 48 magnetic strips with a size of 6 x 4 cm. The size is convenient for writing, just use a whiteboard marker to write. You can also cut our magnetic strips to the desired size according to your needs without affecting the magnetic effect. Versatile – Our writable magnetic strip is very suitable for quick notes on whiteboards, magnetic boards and refrigerators as well as task boards at home or in the office.
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