Forte Oil Fortifier Treatment 400ml

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Forté Oil Fortifier has been tested in a wide variety of high mileage engines. This has proven the reliability of the product in restoring performance and greatly extending the life of engines far beyond the stage where they would have required extensive repairs or a complete overhaul.

Forté Oil Fortifier is recommended for use in engines of older or higher mileage vehicles which are showing signs of wear; evidenced by high oil consumption or excessive exhaust smoking.

Forté Oil Fortifier is compatible with all crankcase fill oils, including fully synthetic, which meet the specification of API and ACEA classifications.

Forté Oil Fortifier is not recommended for use in engines incorporating wet clutches.

  • Reduces oil consumption in engines showing signs of wear
  • Minimises exhaust smoking by providing better piston ring sealing
  • Restores performance to tired engines
  • Improves oil pressure to better protect moving parts