febi bilstein 30845 Coolant Expansion Tank with sensor, pack of one

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We are the pioneer in the spare parts market. As a group-independent, family-owned company with a long tradition, we have early on supported alternatives to original parts that are of equal or higher quality – in the interest of consumers worldwide.

febi bilstein 30845 Coolant Expansion Tank with sensor

The engine is generally considered to be the heart of a vehicle. Its design requires a balance between peak performance and torque and the lowest possible consumption and emissions. Modern engines are precision work - just like every single replacement part from febi.
  • Original febi bilstein spare part - Solutions „Made in Germany"
  • Please use the vehicle identification at the top of the page to confirm compatibility with your vehicle. All restrictions must be observed!
  • Length: 278 mm; Width: 149 mm; Height or Thickness: 249 mm; Weight: 0,64 kg
  • OE numbers (for comparison purposes only): Audi 8E0 121 403 D
  • among others suitable for: Audi: A6 (4B), A6 (4F), A6 quattro (4B), A6 quattro (4F)