febi bilstein 172924 Valve Cover

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Additional product data:

Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with seal

Heating/Cooling: with breather valve

General Information:These products are designed to be used as originally intended and not modified for purpose. Please ensure the products are installed by a competent individual. N.B. products are usually supplied without fitting instructions.

Equivalent Part Numbers: CITROËN 0248.J7; CITROËN 0248.L7; CITROËN 0249.C6; CITROËN 0249.C6S1; CITROËN 248.J7; CITROËN 248.L7; CITROËN 249.C6S1; OPEL 00248L7; OPEL 0248L7; OPEL 0249C6; OPEL 0249C6S1; OPEL 248L7; OPEL 249C6S1; PEUGEOT 0248.J7; PEUGEOT 0248.L7; PEUGEOT 0249.C6; PEUGEOT 0249.C6S1; PEUGEOT 248.J7; PEUGEOT 248.L7; PEUGEOT 249.C6S1; VAUXHALL 00248L7; VAUXHALL 0248L7; VAUXHALL 0249C6; VAUXHALL 0249C6S1; VAUXHALL 248L7; VAUXHALL 249C6S1; DS 0248.J7; DS 0248.L7; DS 0249.C6S1
  • Original Febi Bilstein replacement part - Solutions made in Germany
  • Colour: black, material: plastic
  • OE numbers (for comparison purposes only): Citroën: 0248.L7, DS: 0248.L7, Vauxhall: 0248 L7, Peugeot: 0248.L7, Vauxhall: 0248 L7
  • Please use the vehicle identification at the top of the page to confirm compatibility with your vehicle. Please note all restrictions