Clutch Kit Blue Print ADW193069 Febi BilstonNew Genuine Part Pck of 1

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Additional product data:

Weight [kg]: 6.795

for OE number: 16 06 409

General Information:alternative to replace self-adjusting clutch with conventional design These products are designed to be used as originally intended and not modified for purpose. Please ensure the products are installed by a competent individual. N.B. products are usually supplied without fitting instructions.

Equivalent Part Numbers: OPEL 06606003; OPEL 06606003S2; OPEL 093185920; OPEL 1606409; OPEL 55560290; OPEL 55560290S3; OPEL 5679355; OPEL 5679355S2; OPEL 5979344; OPEL 5979344S2; OPEL 6606003S2; OPEL 93185920; OPEL 93186759; OPEL 93186759S3; OPEL 93190165; OPEL 93190165S2; SAAB 55578718S2; SAAB 93181953S2; SAAB 93186759S2; VAUXHALL 01606409; VAUXHALL 093185920; VAUXHALL 1606409; VAUXHALL 55560290; VAUXHALL 55560290S1; VAUXHALL 5679355; VAUXHALL 5679355S2; VAUXHALL 5979344; VAUXHALL 5979344S2; VAUXHALL 93185920; VAUXHALL 93186759; VAUXHALL 93186759S3; VAUXHALL 93190165; VAUXHALL 93190165S2
  • Number of Teeth: 23
  • Number of Pieces in Kit: Three-Piece
  • Outer Diameter: 242mm
  • Content: 1 x BLUE PRINT Clutch Kit ADW193069