Clutch Kit Blue Print ADG030242 Pack Of 1 W/concentric slave cylinder Pck of 1

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Weight [kg]: 6.124

General Information:These products are designed to be used as originally intended and not modified for purpose. Please ensure the products are installed by a competent individual. N.B. products are usually supplied without fitting instructions.

Equivalent Part Numbers: OPEL 24422061S9; OPEL 24424957S9; OPEL 55567979; OPEL 55567979S3; OPEL 55579530S9; OPEL 5679304S7; OPEL 5679332S7; OPEL 5679333S9; OPEL 664073; OPEL 664073S4; OPEL 679057S8; OPEL 679344; OPEL 679344S1; OPEL 90470874; OPEL 90470874S1; OPEL 90523765; OPEL 90523765S4; OPEL 93177813; OPEL 93177813S3; OPEL 93195579; OPEL 93195579S2; GENERAL MOTORS 55567979; GENERAL MOTORS 55567979S1; GENERAL MOTORS 55579530; GENERAL MOTORS 55579530S1; GENERAL MOTORS 5679333; GENERAL MOTORS 5679333S1; GENERAL MOTORS 664073; GENERAL MOTORS 664073S1; GENERAL MOTORS 679057; GENERAL MOTORS 679057S1; GENERAL MOTORS 93177813; GENERAL MOTORS 93177813S1; GENERAL MOTORS 93195579; GENERAL MOTORS 93195579S1
  • Original Blue Print spare part - Right First Time
  • Clutch Kit Blue Print ADG030242 Pack Of 1 W/ concentric slave cylinder Pck of 1