Bosch F5280 - Gasoline Filter Car

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Bosch offers one of the world's largest ranges of spare parts for vehicle repair. The focus thereby is on high quality and a long product life. This helps to keep people mobile all over the world.

For more than 130 years, Bosch has pursued the goal of offering intelligent and reliable solutions to make life a little bit easier every day.

Bosch Gasoline Filters: Bodyguard for the engine

Bosch oil, fuel and air filters protect the engine and the injection system from particles and water. And cabin filters protect even the most valuable part of the car: they protect driver and occupants by filtering allergens, fine dust and harmful gases from the cabin air.

Line Filters (gasoline)

A. Inflow of contaminated gasoline

B. Filtration of gasoline

C. Cleaned gasoline is conducted to the engine

When should I change my filter?

Possible consequences of a silted-up filter:

Loss of engine power.

Impairment of the fuel supply.

Premature engine wear, internal corrosion of engine components.

Maintenance advice:

Respect the interval of maintenance prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer and ask for Bosch quality.

Quality pays off

Cheap today, expensive tomorrow: with respect to fuel filters, those willing to save on the wrong things may risk expensive damage to the injection system.

Ask for Bosch quality!

Bosch is one of the world leaders in the design of injection systems and also excels in the manufacture of engine components. Filters are also an essential mean of protection, especially for modern injection systems operating with low tolerances.

Bosch filters offer high reliability in protecting engine components from water and the smallest particles. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we are able to choose the ideal filter media for each type of filter and application. In the product development phase, Bosch tests the potential effects on the filter, sometimes under extreme conditions.

For all these reasons, choose Bosch filters and replace them regularly!
  • Works under tough conditions: withstands heat, pressure and aggressive liquids
  • Accurate fit and matching sealings
  • High dust retention capacity and filtration efficiency according to Original Equipment parts
  • High quality processing, resistant materials and robust housing
  • Matching quality part: All functional and quality tests are performed according to the same standards applied to Original Equipment parts
  • Long service life as requested by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Please use the vehicle identification to confirm compatibility with your vehicle; All restrictions must be observed